First Aid Kits - What to Include?

When deciding what items to include in your workplace first aid kits, there are no hard or fast rules. While you can reference to some first aid guidelines available on the internet, the best way to identify the items of your first aid kit is to consider the activities performed in your workplace and anticipate the injuries and accidents your employees might faced. You can also reference to previous accidents that occurred in your workplace.

Generally, under low hazard environment, the following first aid supplies are suggested:

  • A leaflet or a first aid booklet - This will give your employees tips and step-by-step procedures in handling emergency situations. However, even in the presence of it, you must also conduct a first aid program to orient your employees on what to do during emergency situations.

  • Antiseptics act as antimicrobials that kill microbes before they enter into the body and cause infection.  Disinfectants are usually used before dressing a minor wound.

  • Eye Wash - medicated solution that cleanses the eyes from debris or any chemical substances that may cause infection.

  • Hot and cold packs – used to minimize swelling of injuries such as muscles or joint sprains.

  • Disposable gloves

  • Sticky tapes

  • Plastic bags

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