Preventing slip hazard through_wet_floor_signage

Spills of liquid substances such as water, drinks, food or chemical substances occur very frequently in worksite.  While small spills are easy to clean up and may not pose potential hazards to employees, it is still important that they are address immediately.  Pedestrians often overlook these wet surfaces especially if they aren’t familiar with the premises.

One of the most important safety tool employers should use for slippery floors are wet floor signage.  Put simply, wet floor signage is what employers provide as warnings to prevent people from slipping and falling over wet surfaces. Providing wet floor signage saves employers from negligence charges filed by people against their property.

Wet floor signage usually comes in bright colors like a combination of yellow and red and is accompanied with wording and pictures. They are usually built in A-frame signs and placed near slippery or wet floors.

Failure to provide wet floor signage may cause serious injuries to pedestrians. If proven to be a a result of negligence on employer’s end, they employer may be compelled to shoulder compensation for medical expenses as well as legal costs and undue penalties.

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