Useful tips for safe manual handling

Lifting or moving heavy objects doesn’t need to be so excruciating or dangerous for your employers if they are aware of the proper way of doing so. As an employer, it is best that you provide training to your employees and couple it with protective workwear and handling tools to ensure they are protected from hazards that may take place.

Here are Express Safety Solutions, we give you some useful tips for safe manual handling.

When Lifting:

  • The lift should be performed between your knuckle and elbow height.

  • Alternate lifting heavy objects with lifting lighter objects to give yourself time to recover.

  • Bend at your hips, not at your back, if you must bend.

  • Use both hands when lifting.

  • Test the weight of the load first before proceeding to the lifting task.

When carrying:

  • Keep a short distance between the load and your body

  • Use handles (if provided).

  • Try to push or pull rather than carrying the object.

When pushing/pulling:

  • Avoid twisting.

  • Try to push rather than pull.

  • Keep a minimum distance between the item and your body.

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