First Aid

First Aid

In most emergency cases, timing could be the key to prevent a worse situation from occurring or to save somebody’s life. That's why when it comes to safety you must have a well-stocked first aid kit on site, ready to help deal with an unlikely emergency in your workplace. With any type of injury, it is crucial that first aid procedures be applied as soon as possible with the use of a well-stocked first aid kit.

Browse our extensive list of first aid and emergency supplies to help treat different physical injuries. Some of our first aid products include body fluid spill kit for spills that presents hygienic or contagious hazard; burn kits that comes with packages of burn dressings, burn gels and bandages; eye wash solutions for immediate medication for emergency eye injuries, and other first aid equipment.

To learn more about our different types of first aid kits, suited for workplaces, classrooms or even the home, check out the latest copy of our brochures below:

Office, retail, food & beverage first aid kits

Every work site and commercial establishment must make it a point to install first aid emergency kit in a place where it can be most accessible and easily identifiable. In a facility with a considerably large area, it is advisable that each department is provided with a first aid kit. Here at Express Safety Solutions, your safety and compliance is our first concern. Our online store offers first aid kits that are complete with all the remedial supplies necessary for emergency situations.

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